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Use of Egg Yolk-Derived Immunoglobulin as an Alternative to Antibiotic Treatment for Control of Helicobacter pylori Infection.

Posted by on in 2002
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Shin JH, Yang M, Nam SW, Kim JT, Myung NH, Bang WG, Roe IH Clin Diagn Lab Immunol 2002 Sep 9:1061-6


The present study evaluated the potential use of immunoglobulin prepared from the egg yolk of hens immunized with Helicobacter pylori (immunoglobulin Y [IgY]-Hp) in the treatment of H. pylori infections. The purity of our purified IgY-Hp was 91.3%, with a yield of 9.4 mg of IgY per ml of egg yolk. The titer for IgY-Hp was 16 times higher than that for IgY in egg yolk from nonimmunized hens, and IgY-Hp significantly inhibited the growth and urease activity of H. pylori in vitro. Bacterial adhesion on AGS cells was definitely reduced by preincubation of both H. pylori (10(8) CFU/ml) and 10 mg of IgY-Hp/ml. In Mongolian gerbil models, IgY-Hp decreased H. pylori-induced gastric mucosal injury as determined by the degree of lymphocyte and neutrophil infiltration. Therefore, in this experimental model, H. pylori-associated gastritis could be successfully treated by orally administered IgY-Hp. The immunological activity of IgY-Hp stayed active at 60 degrees C for 10 min, suggesting that pasteurization can be applied to sterilize the product. Fortification of food products with this immunoglobulin would significantly decrease the H. pylori infection. In conclusion, the IgY-Hp obtained from hens immunized by H. pylori could provide a novel alternative approach to treatment of H. pylori infection.

Author Address
Research Center for Gastroenterology. Departments of Pharmacology. Gastroenterology. Surgery. Pathology, Dankook University College of Medicine. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Korea University College of Life & Environmental Sciences, Seoul, Korea;

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