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 Dávalos-Pantoja L, Ortega-Vinuesa JL, Bastos-González D, Hidalgo-Alvarez RJ Biomater Sci Polym Ed 2000 11:657-73Abstract The use of egg yolk an...
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 Bennet W, Björkland A, Sundberg B, Davies H, Liu J, Holgersson J, Korsgren OTransplantation 2000 Apr 69:1711-7Abstract BACKGROUND: It is still ...
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 Bizhanov G, Vyshniauskis GVet Res Commun 2000 Mar 24:103-13Abstract Hens were immunized with partially purified Sendai virus that had been grow...
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 Erhard MH, Schmidt P, Zinsmeister P, Hofmann A, Münster U, Kaspers B, Wiesmüller KH, Bessler WG, Stangassinger MPoult Sci 2000 Sep 79:1264-70Abs...
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  Verdoliva A, Basile G, Fassina GJ Chromatogr B Biomed Sci Appl 2000 Dec 749:233-42Abstract Due to the peculiar composition of the egg yolk and...
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 Kitao H, Arakawa H, Kuma K, Yamagishi H, Nakamura N, Furusawa S, Matsuda H, Yasuda M, Ekino S, Shimizu AInt Immunol 2000 Jul 12:959-68Abstract ...
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 Nath R, Huggins M, Glantz SB, Morrow JS, McGinnis K, Nadimpalli R, Wanga KKNeurochem Int 2000 Oct 37:351-61Abstract Alpha II-spectrin (alpha-fo...
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 Ohnishi T, Kakimoto K, Hashida S, Fujii M, Hirono S, Nishiyama K, Amita Y, Ishikawa E, Tsubouchi H, Daikuhara YJ Immunol Methods 2000 Oct 244:16...
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Wang, Y. W., Cherian, G., Sunwoo, H. H. and Sim, J. S. 2000. Can. J. Anim. Sci. 80: 597–604. Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sc...
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 McCracken AA, Werner ED, Powell MJ, Kruse KB, Brodsky JLYeast 2000 Jan 16:49-55Abstract A number of proteins have been identified as substrates...
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 Walsh WE, Anderson BE, Ivancic D, Zhang Z, Piccini JP, Rodgers TG, Pao W, Fryer JPImmunology 2000 Dec 101:467-73Abstract Chicken antibodies (im...
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 Lee SB, Mine Y, Stevenson RMJ Agric Food Chem 2000 Jan 48:110-5Abstract Anti-Yersinia ruckeri egg yolk immunoglobulin (IgY) was transferred to ...
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 Bentley L, Fehrsen J, Jordaan F, Huismans H, du Plessis DHJ Gen Virol 2000 Apr 81 Pt 4:993-1000Abstract VP2 is an outer capsid protein of Afric...
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 Melrose J, Smith S, Rodgers K, Little C, Burkhardt D, Ghosh PHistochem Cell Biol 2000 Aug 114:137-46Abstract A polyclonal anti-bovine pancreati...
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 Kweon CH, Kwon BJ, Woo SR, Kim JM, Woo GH, Son DH, Hur W, Lee YSJ Vet Med Sci 2000 Sep 62:961-4Abstract Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) ...
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 Chang HM, Lu TC, Chen CC, Tu YY, Hwang JYJ Agric Food Chem 2000 Apr 48:995-9Abstract Isolation conditions of immunoglobulin in egg yolk (IgY) w...
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 Zhao Y, Rabbani H, Shimizu A, Hammarström LImmunology 2000 Nov 101:348-53Abstract Chicken antibodies are increasingly being used as diagnostic ...
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 Petrunkina AM, Harrison RA, Töpfer-Petersen EReprod Fertil Dev 2000 12:361-71Abstract The zona-binding protein family of spermadhesins are cons...
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 Worledge KL, Godiska R, Barrett TA, Kink JADig Dis Sci 2000 Dec 45:2298-305Abstract Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is implicated in the pathogenes...
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 Carlander D, Kollberg H, Wejåker PE, Larsson AImmunol Res 2000 21:1-6Abstract Oral administration of specific antibodies is an attractive appro...
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 Torche AM, Le Corre P, Albina E, Jestin A, Le Verge RJ Drug Target 2000 7:343-54Abstract The study aimed to investigate on a pig alveolar macro...
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 Subbiah K, Myleru U, Ananthanarayanan MTumori 86:233-7Abstract AIMS AND BACKGROUND: Radiolabeled antibodies generated against tumor-associated ...
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Morrison SL, Mohammed MS, Wims LA, Trinh R, Etches RMol Immunol 2002 Jan 38:619-25Abstract Large quantities of antibodies are transported into the yo...
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 Ikematsu S, Yano A, Aridome K, Kikuchi M, Kumai H, Nagano H, Okamoto K, Oda M, Sakuma S, Aikou T, Muramatsu H, Kadomatsu K, Muramatsu TBr J Canc...
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 Raju TS, Briggs JB, Borge SM, Jones AJGlycobiology 2000 May 10:477-86Abstract Immunoglobulins (IgG) are soluble serum glycoproteins in which th...
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