Gee SC, Bate IM, Thomas TM, Rylatt DB Protein Expr Purif 2003 Aug 30:151-5


Chicken IgY has been purified from egg yolk by preparative electrophoresis on the Gradiflow, a system which has been employed for the purification of a wide range of proteins with high recovery and biological activity. Protein purification on the Gradiflow utilises electrophoresis with selected combinations of porous membranes and buffers. The purification of IgY was achieved by initial PEG lipid precipitation, then a single step Gradiflow run by a strategy based on the relatively high pI range of IgY compared to other egg yolk proteins. The IgY yields obtained from the delipidised supernatant are consistently greater than 80% by immunoassay. The purity of the IgY fraction compared favourably with IgY prepared using three commercial products.
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Gradipore Ltd, 22 Rodborough Road, P.O. Box 6126, Frenchs Forest, 2086 NSW, Australia.