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The immunoglobulin-like T-cell receptor. I. In situ demonstration of immunoglobulin Fab-region determinants of rodent T- and B-lymphocytes using chicken antibodies.

Posted by on in 1975-1979
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Marchalonis JJ, Warr GW, Bucana C, Hoyer LC
J Immunogenet 1979 Oct 6:289-310


Antibodies were raised in chickens to the (Fab')2 fragment of normal murine IgG and to the k-myeloma protein MOPC 41. Following appropriate absorptions or purification by immune affinity chromatography the chicken antibodies bound specifically to both T- and B-cells of mice, rats and guinea-pigs as detected by quantitative cytofluorescence, radioactive binding assays and transmission and scanning immunoelectronmicroscopy. These antibodies are directed against polypeptide determinants of the Fab fragment, block antigen binding by purified idiotype-bearing murine antibodies, and provide useful probes for visualization and analysis of immunoglobulin-like surface receptors of rodent B- and T-cells.

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