Kermani-Arab V, Moll T, Davis WC
J Natl Cancer Inst 1976 Jan 56:14.-52


The levels of IgM, IgY, and IgA and the development of specific antibody to Marek's disease virus (MDV) and sheep red blood cells (SRBC) in young chickens susceptible and resistant to Marek's disease were compared after exposure to MDV. No significant difference was noted in the immunoglobulin levels. However, the antibody response to MDV and SRBC occurred more rapidly in susceptible birds. The initial titer of antibody to these antigens was higher. These differences in response, however, were transient. At 3 weeks post exposure, the levels of IgM antibodies to MDV and antibodies to SRBC were similar in the two lines of chickens. At 6 weeks, the levels of IgY antibodies to MDV and antibodies detected by the agar gel precipitation test were similar.