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Specific inhibition of ATP-ADP translocase in cardiac mitoplasts by antibodies against mitochondrial creatine kinase.

Posted by on in 1985-1989
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Saks VA, Khuchua ZA, Kuznetsov AV
Biochim Biophys Acta 1987 Apr 891:138-44


Mitochondrial creatine kinase was purified from rat hearts and used to produce antibodies in chicken and rabbits. Antibodies were purified to a high degree of homogeneity by an affinity chromatography method. Chicken antibodies against mitochondrial creatine kinase inhibited this enzyme in rat-heart mitochondrial inner membrane and matrix preparation, and simultaneously blocked oxidative phosphorylation. Under these conditions respiratory chain activities remained unchanged, but adenine nucleotide translocase was inhibited. Removal of mitochondrial creatine kinase from the membrane by pretreatment with 0.15 M KCl and 20 mM ADP completely abolished the effect of antibodies against mitochondrial creatine kinase on oxidative phosphorylation. Noninhibitory antibodies from rabbit with high affinity to rat mitochondrial creatine kinase inhibited neither creatine kinase activity nor oxidative phosphorylation. These data show close and specific spatial arrangement of mitochondrial creatine kinase and adenine nucleotide translocase in mitochondria. It is supposed that there is a fixed orientation of these proteins in the cardiolipin domain in the membrane and that their interaction may occur by a frequent collision due to their lateral movement.

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