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Nucleic acids, polypeptides, and methods for modulating apoptosis.*

Posted by on in 2007
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Inventors: John E. Thompson, Catherine Taylor, Dominic Cliche, Charles Dinarello, Leonid Reznikov, Benjamin Pomerantz

Application number: 10/277,969
Publication number: US 2003/0144238 A1
Filing date: 23 Oct 2002

Issued patent: 7217517 (Issue date 15 May 2007)

U.S. Classification
514044000; 536023200; 435006000; 435226000; 435320100; 435325000

International Classification
A61K048/00; C12Q001/68; C07H021/04; C12N009/64; C12P021/02; C12N005/06


The present invention provides methods of identifying an incidence of ischemia in mammalian tissue, particularly mammalian heart tissue. Further, a method of reducing apoptosis in mammalian tissue, preferably heat tissue, is provided. These methods involve measuring and comparing the gene expression levels of both apoptosis-specific eIF-5A and proliferating eIF-5A and correlating an incidence of ischemia when the expression level of apoptosis-specific eIF-5a is higher than proliferating eIF-5A. In the method of reducing apoptosis in mammalian tissue, there is provided an agent that inhibits expression of apoptosis-specific eIF-5A. Preferred agents are antisense oligonucleotides to human apoptosis-specific eIF-5A.

*Note: The custom IgY antibody (Chicken anti-dlF5A1) used in this publication was produced by Gallus Immunotech Inc. Please visit our Custom IgY production page for more information.

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