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Generation and application of anti-ouabain IgY antibodies.

Posted by on in 2011
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Zhang MJYang JZhu CZDuan ZMNiu XL. 2011. Mol Cell Biochem. 358:241-7. Epub 2011 Jul 23.

Department of Cardiology, The Second Affiliated Hospital, School of Medicine, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Xi'an 710004, Peoples' Republic of China.


Ouabain is a bioactive hapten and is very difficult to be accurately quantified because of the lack of useful reagents. Furthermore, where ouabain is produced in the adrenal glands has not been identified. In this study, ouabain-BSA was generated for immunizing the laying hens to generate ouabain-specific IgY antibodies in chicken eggs. The anti-ouabain IgY antibodies were detected in eggs 1 week after the last immunization and their concentrations increased with time. The highest concentrations of anti-ouabain IgY antibodies reached at 1:10,240 for ELISA 5 weeks after immunization and maintained for 4 weeks in chicken eggs. Following PEG precipitation, an average of 8.5 mg of anti-ouabain IgY antibodies with a purity of 87.6% was achieved from a single egg. Further analysis revealed that the anti-ouabain IgY antibodies had little immunoreactivity to hydrocortisone, dexamethasone, cedilanid, and digoxin, indicating their high specificity, and the purified IgY antibodies effectively detected endogenous ouabain in the cytoplasm of cells predominately in the zona reticularis of rat and human adrenal glands, indicating their high immunoreactivity. Given that IgY has an unique structure and bioactive features, the generated anti-ouabain IgY antibodies may be used as a new reagent for accurately quantifying ouabain in biological studies.

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