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Electrochemical multianalyte immunoassays using an array-based sensor.

Posted by on in 2006
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 Wilson MS, Nie W.
Anal Chem. 2006 Apr 15;78(8):2507-13.
EIC Laboratories, Inc., 111 Downey Street, Norwood, Massachusetts 02062, USA.

Electrochemical multianalyte immunoassays using an array-based sensor.
A novel amperometric biosensor for performing simultaneous electrochemical multianalyte immunoassays is described. The sensor consisted of eight iridium oxide sensing electrodes (0.78 mm(2) each), an iridium counter electrode, and a Ag/AgCl reference electrode patterned on a glass substrate. Four different capture antibodies were immobilized on the sensing electrodes via adsorption. Quantification of proteins was achieved using an ELISA in which the electrochemical oxidation of enzyme-generated hydroquinone was measured. The spatial separation of the electrodes enabled simultaneous electrochemical immunoassays for multiple proteins to be conducted in a single assay without amperometric cross-talk between the electrodes. The simultaneous detection of goat IgG, mouse IgG, human IgG, and chicken IgY was demonstrated. The detection limit was 3 ng/mL for all analytes. The sensor had excellent precision (1.9-8.2% interassay CV) and was comparable in performance to commercial single-analyte ELISAs. We anticipate that chip-based sensors, as described herein, will be suitable for the mass production of economical, miniaturized, multianalyte assay devices.

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