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A subunit vaccine against the adenovirus egg-drop syndrome using part of its fiber protein

Posted by on in 2003
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 Vaccine, Volume 21, Issues 21-22 , 20 June 2003, Pages 2761-2766
E. Fingerut (a), B. Gutter (b), G. Gallili (b), A. Michael (b) and J. Pitcovski (a)
(a) Migal, South Industrial Area, Kiryat Shmona 10200, Israel
(b) ABIC, West Industrial Zone, P.O. Box 489, Beit Shemesh, Israel
Received 19 August 2002; revised 30 January 2003; accepted 6 March 2003; Available online 27 February 2003.


In this study, the effectiveness of antibodies against the hexon, fiber or a fiber fragment of an avian adenovirus egg-drop syndrome (EDS), in neutralizing the virus was tested. The fiber protein is responsible for binding the virus to the target cell. The fiber fragment knob-s comprises the carboxy-terminal knob domain and 34 amino acids of the immediately adjacent shaft domain of the adenovirus fiber protein.
The hexon, fiber capsid protein and knob-s were produced in E. coli and injected into chickens. Antibodies that were produced against the whole fiber protein showed some hemagglutination inhibition (HI) activity. Antibodies produced against the knob-s protein showed HI activity and serum neutralization (SN) activity similar to the positive control-whole virus vaccine. We assume that production of only part of the fiber enables the protein produced in E. coli to fold correctly. Antibodies produced against the hexon protein showed no SN activity. In summary, knob-s induced SN and HI antibodies against EDS virus at a rate similar to the whole virus and were significantly more efficient than the full-length fiber. The recombinant knob-s protein may be used as a vaccine against pathogenic adenovirus infections.

Author Keywords: Egg-drop syndrome; Hemagglutination inhibition; Serum neutralization; Subunit vaccine; Adenovirus

Corresponding author. Tel.: +972-4-6953509; fax: +972-4-6944980.

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