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Leventhal JR, Su A, Kaufman DB, Abecassis MI, Stuart FP, Anderson B, Fryer JPTransplant Proc 2001 Feb-Mar 33:690Author AddressDepartment of Surgery, D...
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 Cipolla A, Cordeviola J, Terzolo H, Combessies G, Bardón J, Ramón N, Martínez A, Medina D, Morsella C, Malena RALTEX 2001 18:165-70Abstract In ...
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Williams LM, Drew JE, Bunnett NW, Grady E, Barrett P, Abramovich DR, Morris A, Slater DJ Neuroendocrinol 2001 Jan 13:94-101Abstract Melatonin acts vi...
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De Ceuninck F, Pastoureau P, Agnellet S, Bonnet J, Vanhoutte PMJ Immunol Methods 2001 Jun 252:153-61Abstract An indirect competition immunoassay for ...
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 Di Lonardo AD, Marcante ML, Poggiali F, Hamsøíkovà E, Venuti AArch Virol 2001 146:117-25Abstract The E7 oncoprotein is the major transforming p...
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Stålberg J, Larsson AUps J Med Sci 2001 106:99-110Abstract Egg yolk is an important source of antibodies. The biggest obstacle for isolation of chick...
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Qiu T, Zhang J, Lu R, Zhu ZIntervirology 2001 44:317-20AbstractThe complete nucleotide sequence of the genome segment S8 of grass carp hemorrhage viru...
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Gutiérrez Calzado E, García Garrido RM, Schade RAltern Lab Anim 2001 Nov-Dec 29:717-26Abstract Polyclonal antibodies, widely used in research and dia...
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Hedlund GP, Hau JIn Vivo 2001 Sep-Oct 15:381-4Abstract Oral immunisation by gavage of laying hens with human immunoglobulin G (IgG) combined with a n...
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Smith DJ, King WF, Godiska RInfect Immun 2001 May 69:3135-42AbstractActive immunization with Streptococcus mutans glucan binding protein B (GBP-B) has...
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Sarker SA, Casswall TH, Juneja LR, Hoq E, Hossain I, Fuchs GJ, Hammarström LJ Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2001 Jan 32:19-25   Abstract BACKGROU...
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Vig, Eva, Melissa Green, Yuanwen Liu, Kang-Yeol Yu, Hyung-Joo Kwon, Jun Tian, Mark G. Goebl, and Maureen A. Harrington, 2001, J. Biol. Chem., 276 (11)...
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Inventor: George Q. W. YeApplication number: 9/956,968Publication number: US 2003/0077283 A1Filing date: 21 Sep 2001U.S. Classification424145100; 4240...
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