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Neu N, Hála K, Wick GImmunogenetics 1984 19:269-77Abstract Using an indirect hemagglutination assay we tested sera from 94 healthy normal White Legho...
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 Stoevring B, Vang O, Christiansen M. Clin Chim Acta. 2005 Jun;356(1-2):95-101.Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Sector of Microbiology and Di...
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Song, Man-Gen and Megerditch Kiledjian, 2007, RNA, 13:2356-2365Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey...
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 Dávalos-Pantoja L, Ortega-Vinuesa JL, Bastos-González D, Hidalgo-Alvarez RJ Biomater Sci Polym Ed 2000 11:657-73Abstract The use of egg yolk an...
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 Bennet W, Björkland A, Sundberg B, Davies H, Liu J, Holgersson J, Korsgren OTransplantation 2000 Apr 69:1711-7Abstract BACKGROUND: It is still ...
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 Bizhanov G, Vyshniauskis GVet Res Commun 2000 Mar 24:103-13Abstract Hens were immunized with partially purified Sendai virus that had been grow...
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Van Orden DE, Treffers HPJ Immunol 1968 Mar 100:664-74NO ABSTRACT AVAILABLE
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Lee YC, Leu SJ, Hung HC, Wu HH, Huang IJ, Hsieh WS, Chiu WT, Hsieh MS, Cheng TF, Yang YY.Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2007 May 15;117(1-2):75-85. Epub 20...
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Tasaki, Takafumi1, Lubbertus C. F. Mulder,2 Akihiro Iwamatsu,3 Min Jae Lee,1 Ilia V. Davydov,4,Alexander Varshavsky,4 Mark Muesing,2 and Yong Tae Kwon...
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 Kevin D. Matson (a), , , Robert E. Ricklefs (a) and Kirk C. Klasing (b)2005, 29:275-86 1 AbstractMethods to assess immunocompetence requiring o...
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Nisbet AJ, Huntley JF, Mackellar A, Sparks N, McDevitt R.Parasite Immunol. 2006 Aug;28(8):401-5.Moredun Research Institute, Pentlands Science Park, Bu...
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Alvarez SD, Li CP, Chiang CE, Schuller IK, Sailor MJ., 2009, ACS Nano. 3(10):3301-7.Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California...
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 Linda L. Runft (a), 1, David J. Carroll (b), 1, Jessica Gillett (a), 1, Andrew F. Giusti (c), Forest J. O'Neill (a) and Kathy R. Foltz (a)1 Thes...
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 Hensel T, Amberger VR, Schwab MEBr J Cancer 1998 Dec 78:1564-72Abstract Glioblastoma cells infiltrate brain tissue and migrate preferentially a...
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Larsson A, Holmdahl RHybridoma 1990 Jun 9:289-94Abstract Affinity chromatography on protein A columns is widely used for the purification of monoclon...
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Martin Stofanko, So Yeon Kwon, and Paul Badenhorst1, Genetics. 2008 September; 180(1): 253–267.Institute of Biomedical Research, University of Birming...
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Slawson, Chad*, T. Lakshmanan, Spencer Knapp, and Gerald W. Hart*, 2008, Mol. Biol. Cell:19: 4130-4140*Department of Biological Chemistry, The Johns H...
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Taylor AI, Beavil RL, Sutton BJ, Calvert RA., J Biol Chem. 284(36):24168-75. Epub 2009 Jul 10.From the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysi...
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Schaerlinger B, Bascove M, Frippiat JP.Mol Immunol. 2008 Feb;45(3):776-86. Epub 2007 Aug 2.Laboratoire de Biologie Expérimentale et Immunologie, EA 34...
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Viertlboeck BC, Schmitt R, Hanczaruk MA, Crooijmans RP, Groenen MA, Göbel TW., 2009. J Immunol.Institute for Animal Physiology, University of Munich, ...
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